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i just spilled soda all over my keyboard lol, my cousin was freking out that i killed my computer when all i had to do was turn it over and it all drained off lol. lovin it. :)


2009-12-20 03:38:24 by DJ-pierce

haha, i.. i mean..... My Friend found a new hobby, finding notorious zerobombers, and sending them virus's through their IP addresses.. they will have fun with that. haha, he just sent this guy a virus that effs up your kernal files and melts your computa by turning off your fans and display and sending more power to the motherboard lol, dont ask how i came up with it...this guy will have fun with it.. o so much fun :D

i have actually been learning techno stuff, im soo exited /285316 is my new song, listen to it plz, i wanna know what you think.

out of comission

2009-10-05 00:30:14 by DJ-pierce

i have managed to get hit by a car while riding my bike and will be out of it probably for a few days ... so the music will wait to be finished
fun times eh?

i know, that the staff are volunteer staff, and that they might be overloaded, but 2 days... and how much longer for 1 song?